Hero in My Eyes

Story Behind The Song

This song has been through quite a few re-writes. I'm finally satisfied with it. My friend Scott Griffin wrote the awesome arrangement for piano and violin, and he played keyboard on the song. Scott is an amazing arranger. I am so glad to call him my friend. This song is dedicated to my mom and dad, Rose and Bob Polito.

Song Description

From a child's point of view, looking up to an adult whose character he/she admires and wants to emulate. Expressing gratitude to mentor for taking the time to talk to child.

Song Length 6:19 Genre Pop - General, Pop - Standards
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Peaceful, Serene Subject Hero, Encouragement
Similar Artists Celine Dion, Amy Grant Language English
Era 2000 and later


Of all the humble people in the world, you amaze me.
Some think you're just an ordinary guy.
But I know what you do, and I?m looking up to you.
You're a hero in my eyes.

A Hero...nobody sees
A hero... made just for me
When you refuse to do wrong
And you train me to be strong.
I see truth?and integrity.

Of all the humble women in the world, you amaze me.
Some see the shell, but I have known the pearl.
'Cause I know how you live, how you give and give and give.
You're a hero in my world.

A hero...nobody sees
A hero...made just for me.
When you deny the greed,
And sacrifice to meet my need
I see gentleness and generosity.

Bridge: I wish every kid in the world could find what I found in you.
Someone to carve out time, someone to talk to.
I don't mean to put you on a pedestal, when you?d rather grab a stool.
When I grow up, I wanna be just like you.

When dust returns to dust and you are taken away,
When darkness falls, I'll gaze up to the sky.
I?ll see your shining star, and I'll remember who you are
Always a hero in my eyes.

A hero...nobody sees
A hero...made just for me
And someday when I'm grown
And I've got children of my own
I hope they?ll see the light of your life in me. (Repeat Bridge.)

You're my hero, You're my hero, my hero.

Very nice melodic listen.

Nice violin intro leads to a very nice song crafted with gentle and emotional piano melodies and a vocal that's juxtaposed nicely.

The lyrics are really touching, and the vocalist fits the piece well. The children chorus in the bridge really brings home that it's from a child's perspective.

The modulation is a cool choice. This piece feels like a song for a film (Disney, Hallmark). Nicely done.

Wow from the opening this song grabs you beautiful ! then the voice comes in and steals your heart away!

Very beautiful song and approach!

The music is beautiful , the piano was great. The arrangement is perfect for the type of song it is.

I love the violin intro and also love a piano keyboard, the orchestration is entirely fitting to the song. I am a big softie. A wonderful anthem for women and absolutely to my taste. It deserves radio plays I actually can't fault it. I like the children's voices it provides suitable contrast. The singers voice is also excellent.

This is a very uplifting, beautiful song. I love the instrumental arrangement. I love the exquisite, soaring melodies. I want to listen to it again!

Piano and violin parts are excellent and compliment a Julie Andrews style voice wonderfully. Great remembrance piece.

What a lovely song, great lyrics, great production, great performances by the lead vocalists and the children. And what a positive message, so much needed here today. Nice job. Listening to this song restores my faith in humanity.

Piano Highlights nicely

love the music and the story vocals were great as well

Very touching and sentimental piece with beautiful lead vocals and really nice back-up vocals as well. Great arrangement with a very tactically sound choice of instrumentation.

A kind and sentimental song with a generous lyric. This would work very well in say a Disney movie - a song for Buzz Lightyear! Nicely performed.

I absolutely love your voice and your tone so very much!! Listening to your singing could literally make me feel at ease and at peace no matter how hectic my day may have been. I really liked the end portion of your song when you pull back and then build up again. Great dynamics! I have been a choir member for the majority of my life as well as involved in many musicals and I suspect that you likely come from the same background. Your annunciation, emotion, and overall style is spot on! Keep them coming!

I love the message of this song! A special song for that special role model in our lives.

I think this would be a fantastic show song.
The instruments work well together
Great vocal arrangement
Nice Sentiment in the lyrics

The first few bars and I was thinking "gees, it's nice!" - like the piano intro - very comfy to hear to - gave me this warm fuzzy feeling. The arrangement and recording were done well. Instruments used were good. Vocal was good too. Beautiful voice.

A lovely angellike song, beautifull melody.The lyrics and the orchestra is verry beautifull too. The children are awesome.

This is most definitely a unique track & i mean that in a GOOD way! This is not your typical radio type song, but it would be great in a movie or soundtrack etc...

Sounds like a great sound track for a musical. Performances are great. Great attention to detail in all of the parts. Recording is great. The dynamic movement of adding the children as the arrangement develops is great. The vocal pitch and timbre is appealing. I can see that a lot of care and time was put into this production and it shows. Well Done.

Lyrically this song is very strong. I like the instrumentation, but i felt the piano was a little treble heavy, really rings on some of the higher notes. More bass might help. The group vocals at the end caught me off guard, really good, and the concept adds a lot to the song. Strong Ending

I'm so glad I got to listen to this song. It's honestly bringing me to tears and I can't explain why but it reminds me of a Disney song - I think it's great. In my honest opinion, it could easily be another classic Disney song or something along the lines. I felt the emotion in every line and I think the kids as background vocalists brings out the emotion even more. So, so good!

Dreamy, ethereal quality of the song; simply beautiful. Loved everything about it.

I love this song. The Lyrics are great. Vocals are good.I'D BUY THIS SONG

SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL--this could be a hit song--i really like this composition--great lyrics--music--singing etc...thank you--joe

Fine violin playing in the intro and solo section. I hear emotion in the female vocalist. Children "choir" adds variation an interest. Great buildup after the violin solo with a touch of drama in the harmonic changes. Quite long song but the arrangement makes it enjoyable to listen to. Could fit into a Disney children movie.

Love the intro nice vocal Man the track is really done nice

A cute little ditty kind of a kid's inspirational tune.

Beautiful instrumentation with the piano and violin

Lyrics Kate Carpenter Music Kate Carpenter
Producer Jamie DeFrates Publisher Kate Carpenter
Performance Kate Carpenter Label Kate Carpenter
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