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This is an exotic, Middle Eastern dance Instrumental. Great for adds/ film & TV.

Song Length 1:58 Genre World - Middle Eastern, World - World Beat
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood In High Spirits Language No Language
Era 2000 and later

nicely recorded. Rich collection of percussions. Performance was also good. Would do well is a Bollywood movie

It sounds good, it's atmospheric, with fascinating Middle Eastern scales, and the rhythm drags you in. You can hear a movie in this.

this music is very interesting although not what i prefer to listen to all the time. i like the different instruments coming in and out and changing leads. certainly a change of venue for me,but I am enjoying it.

Great musicianship. Original music. Nice recording.

I like the sound of the drums and the stringed instruments.

This was an interesting piece to listen to. I am curious to know how much of it was done with real instruments, and how much with a synthesizer. If it was synth, you have some realistic-sounding samples. All of the sounds and notes were clear and fascinating to listen to for these western ears. You have some amazing great percussion sounds in this recording.

A unique song with a nice middle eastern vibe. Great for a movie soundtrack in a select scene.

Good song, like the riffs.

Nice blending of sounds. Top notch sound palate. I love the table and percussion sounds. Groove is set up very well and the song floats on top. Great hooks complemented by complex but simple and tasty instrumental arrangements.

I had to call it In The Jungle, I feel certain that is has a different name, but I hear jungle drums and the music makes me want to stamp my foot and dance around the fire in rhythm with the drums. It is a very pleasant and whimsical piece of music. Just as you think it is getting monotonous the mood changes, and everything is jolly again.

Has a good beat and I can see it for background music for something exotic or a scene.

A great job of instrumentation giving this a very authentic middle-eastern feel.

Enjoyed the rhythm and melody of this instrumental. Great percussions.

Very atmospheric tribal ethnic piece within excellent stereo environment - perfect for a film score

Love the groove and the arrangement. The breaks in the song are perfect and creative. Really creates a mood or an emotion, I almost felt like I was in an asian style movie scene just listening. Just needs to be a little bit longer. Great Job!!

Not what I'm used to listening to but I like it. Sounds from many different countries.

Nice eastern vibes,instrumentation is accurate and very well thought of.

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