Get me out of this place

Story Behind The Song

That bad night out.....

Song Description

That bad night out.....

Song Length 3:26 Genre Blues - Country, Folk - Contemporary


Get Me Out Of This Place

Get Me Out Of This Place
I cant stand another day here
Aint got no more time to waste
If this is it feels like nowhere...

Dreaming dreams of my tomorrow
Singin songs....beg steal or borrow
Taking time and drinking wine
Happines baby is yours....and mine....

So get me out of this place
The people here dont got no sunshine
They know I like white....
So why's it red wine....

Dreaming dreams of my tomorrow
Singin songs....beg steal or borrow
Taking time and drinking wine
Happines baby is yours....and mine....

Consistent beat driven by percussion.
Interesting slide guitar.

Catchy hook, well-written lyrics, nice groove and feel.

A very catchy track. Enjoyed the mix of blues & country!!

Nice song. the lyrics are nice and the overall message is appealing. I would like to hear the song over an acoustic guitar only. I think it would sound a bit better with just a single guitar and the lyrics the same. Overall good job.


very nice little feel good chilled folk/pop track .
enjoyable track. has a bit of a beatles feel to it.
nice subtle musicaly backing and laid back performance.
well made. good track

This song had a good feel too it. The lyrics flowed well and kept you "hooked" into the song. The instrumentation and production was well done also. I enjoyed listening to it. Nicely done.

I really like the sound on the rythum guitar. Very lite and airy feel to the song. Nice job on the lead guitar as well.. a very simplistic mix but effective.

Like the music arrangement good effort

nicely sung and played

Great Instrumentation and nice recording. Nice feel to the song.

It is a catchy tune. Nice melody and instrumentation.

Catchy rhythm and nice tight instrumentation. By the end of this tune you will definitely be tapping your foot.

pleasant listen, good lyrics, good song overall

Excellent recording and instrumentation. The song has an immediate hook, yet is simple and laid back. I also really enjoy the rhythm change in a few places.

Easy going feel, happy-go-lucky song with a discontented theme, which is kind of ironic. Your lyrics are pretty original. I would not classify this song as country blues. Seems like more of an easy-listening pop song to me. (I am not a genre expert, though).

i really like this little tune--i was tapping my feet to it--that is always a plus for me--cheers--joe.--i'm not really sure about the genre--i put it in the pop catagory--i could be wrong,but i like it--oh yes i do!

Great electric guitar there. I like the 8-bit electronic drums. The rhythm change in the acoustic at about 2:45 was a great idea.

Keep up the good work great vocal arrangement great all round sound.

lovely feel to this

Grabbing opening to the song. Very well written lyrics. Definitely has a cross-genre potential. Very appropriate for an Adult Contemporary station. Interesting vocal tone - he would be easily identifiable out of many songs.

it has a nice flow nice song

Feel Good Light and Airy

very good job

Very catchy lyrics and music!

The song has a very catchy rhythm.

Nice simple groove. Feels good


It's oozing with that happy feel. Wish i were better at capturing that. Awesome guitar picking! Really clear recording.

works 4 you

very interesting thank for a nice listening experience!!!

Nice easy goin feel to it. Good use of hook

Nicely done. I liked the change of pace near the end of the song. Very nice guitar work.

I liked the effect on the vocal. It gave the song an interesting feel with the guitar chords.

Lyrics Laurence Watkins Music LaurenceWatkins
Producer LaurenceWatkins Publisher LaurenceWatkins
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