Strangers In The Night

Song Description

Falling in Love

Song Length 4:00 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - Contemporary
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Mood Tranquil


Strangers in the Night

I liked the way she moves
In her summer dress
A beauty amplified by a long and slender neck
Grace surrounds her Flowers seem to bloom her way

Living in solitude was tearing me apart
phantoms hiding deep within my heart
The hand of fate....... revealed......... with a smile

Take my hand and guide me slowly, yes we will survive
Together we can witness the purity of life
Flesh becomes entangled, embers dance to fire light
No longer shall we struggle.... like strangers in the night

Jasmine engulfed me
In a cool evening breeze
I became paralyzed as her eyes peered back at me
But in those eyes I found solace for my soul

Loves magic happens
unrehearsed unrestrained
With anticipation I crossed that center lane
The hand of fate....... revealed......... with a smile

Words of satisfaction echo through the chamber door
will you rescue me
A little torn and tattered, A little scared and scared
Don't give up
Don't look back
Love will shelter me......

Words & Music
Larry Anderson
© 2023

Lyrics Larry Anderson Music Larry Anderson
Producer Larry Anderson Publisher Larry Anderson
Performance Larry Anderson
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