A Candle And A Stone

Song Description

The Journey through life.....

Song Length 4:09 Genre Country - Rock, Country - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Subject General
Similar Artists Traveling Wilburys, Alan Jackson Language English
Era 2000 and later


A Candle and A Stone

Riding on this dusty road
Searching for divine
Contemplating life... passing by

My eyes are filled with memories
Held so close to me
The crossroads form....searching for.... inner peace

Now I'm on my way to who knows where
With a candle and a stone
Between heaven and earth there's a spiritual birth
Lit by a candle, lives carved in a stone....... Lit by a candle, lives carved in a stone

Painted clouds roll thunderously
Trimmed with green and blue
A gentle rain flows down.... Life's renewed

Envy steals our dreams away
Pass through with blinders on
Bathe in the white light pouring through.... the dawn

From this plateau, I can feel
The hope and dreams of all
Cobblestones lay out a path.... Now I move on

Words & Music
Larry Anderson
© 2021

Lyrics Larry Anderson Music Larry Anderson
Producer Larry Anderson Publisher Larry Anderson
Performance Larry Anderson
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