Rose Colored Glasses

Song Length 4:37 Genre Country - Contemporary
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Tranquil Subject Lost Love


Rose Colored Glasses

Verse I
Would you know me if you saw me today.
Would your eyes smile for me and say stay.
Would you reach out and take hold of my hand.
Would you touch recognize love again

Did your rose colored glasses hold true.
Are the dreams just a memory for you.
Do you believe in the words I love you or
have the words been lost with the truth

Well the memories may fade and time may drift away
but have those rose colored glasses sheltered you.
If I saw you tonight would our worlds just collide or
would we be touched by your magical light.

Verse II
When you search the night sky with a full moon.
Just know I still love you and
the love that we shared will not die but
live on through the dark and the light

(Alternative Verse)
Are you gazing at stars when I do.
Is the passion still there for you.
Is the sky as blue as we both once knew.
Do the flowers still bloom just for you

Verse III
As the days roll quickly to years
May your rose colored glasses see clear and
may life always bring you your dream and
in your heart hold a place just for me.

Words & Music
Larry Anderson

Lyrics Larry Anderson Music Larry Anderson
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