Take Down

Song Length 4:11 Genre Folk - General
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Similar Artists Cowboy Junkies
Era 2000 and later


Take me down if you have to
To put me in my place
Tell me all the things I don't want to hear
But make me listen to you anyway
Yeah I fight with the wanting
Silly I know
After the ceremonies end
Time stealing on me to find what I need

Whisper love in the morning
In the bright sunshine
Tell me all the things that I love to hear
That make me know that your mine

After the grand finale's end
Time stealing on me to find what I need
Got to find my way home

Only, mercy, joy, free and beautiful
Cunning deliveries and subtle epiphanies
I have everything I need... yeah

Lay me down in the moonlight
Say you're there
And I'll tell you I'm grateful
And I'll tell you your gracious

Lay me down in the moonlight
Say you're there
Tell me all the things that I love to hear
Tell me all the things that I love to hear
Tell me all the things that I love to hear
And I'll tell you I'm grateful

Pretty and somewhat haunting piece that is well instrumented and well sung. Backing vocals really complement this tune nicely.

Lyrics Kathyjo Varco Music Kathyjo Varco
Producer Kathyjo Varco Publisher BSM Publishing
Performance Kathyjo Varco
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