It Is Written

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Track 2 of the concept album Eagle

Song Length 6:08 Genre Folk - Alternative


If you stand on a chair
And look way over there
You might see far away
Well maybe not today
The place where we belong
The place where we came from
We're going back some day
It is written

See that big old sky
See that tear in my eye
See that open plain
Hear the wind call your name
There'll be food for all
And we'll all be standing tall
We're going back some day
It is written

I'll tilt your face to the moon
Bring your lips to the spoon
Let the spirits talk to you
Let nature's rhythm come on through
I know you'll grow to understand
That we're all one with the land
We're going back some day
It is written

Very cool melody, familiar but original at the same time. Very clever word play! Love the way it morphs into a blues vibe!!

nice melody going on, very brit sounding/vibe, like the percussion build. like the lead guitar sound allot.

this had a blues feel to me at the beginning the tune had a familiar hymn sound too it, to my ears any way. Nice build up in the song of background music

Lyrics John Evans Music John Evans
Producer John Evans Performance John Evans
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