When I'm dead (and in my grave) (with Kim Lenaghan)

Story Behind The Song

Ain't married life hell??! I went to a Tom Waits concert in Paris and haven't been the same since.

Song Description

Jazz-blues shuffle in C, 100 bpm, piano orientated male-female comedy duet.

Song Length 3:53 Genre Blues - Country, Jazz - Lounge
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Duet Male/Female
Mood Pleasant, Irritated Subject Dysfunctional Relations, Comedy, Funny
Similar Artists Tom Waits, Frank Zappa Language English
Era 1970 - 1979


Copyright © 2008 Jim Ferrie Music

(female) Look at you just sittin' there
Like there's nuttin' else to do
I got groceries and laundry
And oh boy! I got you

(male) Yeah, well I spent the mornin' workin'
Say, I think I done ma share

(female) You're a lazy good-fur-nuttin'
And you're treatin' me unfair

(male) Oh well that's just great, I'll reiterate
I think ma work is done

(female) Ya lazy, useless sum-a-bitch
I got a home to run
When'll ya say "I'll do it, Honey"?

(male) When I'm dead and in ma grave!

(male) Well I don't think y'appreciate
It's me that makes the cash
An' if you don't quit complanin'
I may do somthin' rash

(female) Yeah, like what, ya useless lardass
Like walkin' out the door?
I wish I'd a buck for ever-y time
I heard that one before
And while we're on the subject
What makes you think you got the right
To go from work to poolhall
And stagger home at night?

(male) When you gonna hush yo mouth, girl?

(female) When I'm dead and in ma grave!

(both) We stood before the preacher
Said for better or for worse
And who wud-a thought that 20 years on
It look like we was cursed?
And though we can't remember
All the lovin' and the trust
Guess we'll just be roped'n'tied
'Til we turn into dust

(Inst and talkback)

(female) Well I don't want much, ocassion'ly
A little thanks will do
(male) And I guess I could be a little more
Appreciative of you
(female) But we both know what'll happen
In a few short days from now
(male) Yeah we'll be back at each others' throats
And kickin' up a row

(female) Watcha sayin' - you don't wanna?
(male) Oh woman, give it all a rest!
(female) When are ya gonna stop bein' a slob?
(male) When you stop bein' a pest!

(female) When'll ya ever build that kitchen?
(male) When'll ya ever stop yo bitchin'?
(female) When'll ya stop your gut from saggin'?
(male) When'll ya ever stop yo naggin'?

(both) When'll we ever see some harmoneeeeee.....?
When I'm dead and in ma..................... grave!

Lyrics Jim Ferrie Music Jim Ferrie
Producer Jim Ferrie Publisher Jim Ferrie
Performance Jim Ferrie (insts, vox) & Kim Lenaghan (vox)

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