Thank You Girl

Story Behind The Song

I stumbled on a fingwring style that had me thinking of Cat Steven's Morning has broken. No not that awesome but still it got me thinking about writing a wedding song. I thought about my Bonnie and wrote a song to express my feelings. Of course I took many liberties and fictionalized parts but the emotion I think is genuine.

Song Description

A wedding song from the grooms perspective.

Song Length 2:49 Genre Rock - Easy Listening, Folk - Contemporary
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Exultant Subject Marriage, Celebration


©2014 jeff rauschl

I want to take a moment here
before this day gets swept away
before our friends and family
raise the roof to celebrate
before we say our vows
before god and bow our heads to pray
to thank you for the chance to be the man I am today

Thank you for patience
all the time I wasted acting cool
Thank you for forgiveness
all the times I played the fool
Thank you just for holding me
those nights i thought it all was through
Thank you girl for everything
I owe it all to you.

I want to spend my life
demonstrating what you mean to me
Show you you're my heaven, your my stars
your my world
You saved me, you made me, I love you
and every day ohhhh
I want to thank you girl

So thank you for your kindness
that you showed to some one such as me
and thank you for your blindness to
my faults that all could see
For teaching me the more I love
the more of love I will receive
Thank you girl for giving me
a reason to believe

I vow to spend my life demonstrating
what you mean to me
Show you with emotion, with my deeds
with my words
I love you
You saved me
you made me
and everyday
ohhhh I want to thank you girl

Very moving lyric obviously a lot f meaning. Vocal clear and fussed in the recording. Really nice guitar work. Was listening intently to the lyric I think because because of the simplicity in the delivery. YT a very strong piece of music.

nice melody and unique style. good lyrics. thought provoking song that has a real and nice quality to it.

Lyrics jeff rauschl Music jeff rauschl
Producer jeff rauschl Publisher jeff rauschl
Performance jeff rauschl Label Davenport of Despair Studios
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