Hey Mr. Spaceman

Story Behind The Song

My most popular YouTube song. Could really use a Re-Mix but here it is touched up a little for download.

Song Description

An encounter with an alien causes more questions about our home and life then of the alien itself.

Song Length 3:47 Genre Folk - Contemporary, Folk - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Troubled, Worried Subject UFOs, World
Similar Artists Warren Zevon, The Talking Heads Language English
Era 2000 and later


Hey Mr Spaceman, Welcome to this land
Hey wait a minute, what's that in your hand
Is it a blaster or just a talisman
I was taught to fight and taught to fear
what I don't understand.

Hey Mr spaceman
Mr Spaceman
Hey Mr Spaceman

Should I take you to my leader?
Should I take you to the cops?
The FBI the CIA, I'll take you to the top.
But anywhere I take you
you know they want to stop
The spaceman
they don't understand

Are you here to help the people?
Are you here to save the land?
Will you offer cosmic knowledge,
share a greater plan?
Is this our evolution is it our inheritance?
Will we cower in the fortress of our fear
and ignorance of the Spaceman?

The spaceman
the spaceman
Hey Mr Spaceman

All the generals in the army
would just want your weaponry.
Corporate labs would fight to patent
your unique biology.
Religious men would bury you to save theology,
from the spaceman
that wasn't in their plan.

Mr spaceman.

Hey Mr spaceman are you here to take command?
Will you subjugate the masses for resources of the land?
Well take a look around I think you'll need a better plan.
There's nothing left to pillage. Greed is God,
Greed is man!
Mr. Spaceman.

Hey Mr Spaceman are you gonna fly away?
Take me with you in your saucer,
Help me get away.
There's nothing left to hold me,
no reason I should stay.
Mr spaceman there's a reason I'm the one you met today.

Mr Spaceman.
Mr. Spaceman.
Hey Mr. Spaceman
oh Mr spaceman.

I like the fun, light hearted theme! Mr Spaceman is a cool idea. I like the deepness of the lead vocal. I like the hook and the guitar work.

OMG this was such fun. The beat you used was just funcky enough to be so apropos for this song.You made me smile and the way your background was done sounding spacey and made the song sound out of this world. If they stop for you come pick me up I'll go with you. I feel the same way

More to this than you get at first listen. Some kool lyrical ideas and implementation. Maybe a slight Lou Reed feel to it...nice.

enjoyable tune.....

Very atmospheric. I like the vocal rhythm and the empty echo.

Really cool intro, I love the vibe. I didn't expect a baritone voice to come in, and that's a compliment. Very quirky and cool tune. I could see this on Weeds.

unusual sounds, strangely appealing

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