Song Length 3:23 Genre Folk - Contemporary, Folk - Alternative
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Distressed, Troubled Subject Breaking Up, Worry
Language English Era 2000 and later


My baby's gone bye bye bye bye
Listen up I'll tell you why why why

Started out my senior year
I was the New Kid on the Block
and the day that we moved in
was the day I heard her knock
I felt a Big Time Rush
cause there she stood like sweet confection
and I new more than a crush
she would be my One Direction

After that we were N'sync
every moment was a joy
She was my front porch swing
I was her Back Street Boy
Took her out to see the show
to show her off so all could see
they were the honest band around
but all her love belonged to me

But when the lights went down
and when the band came out
I heard her scream and shout
I saw he cry and shake
and rush the stage
and I knew right away (that)

My baby loves that boy band better
and I'll never get her back, yeah
she's gone gone forever
My baby loves that boy band better
and she's gone gone gone
and we'll never be together

I must confess I was distressed
even felt a little rage
as I watched her lift her dress
throw her panties on the stage
then some hippy roadie mess
took her hand took her away
and I knew we were through (cause)
(chorus) x 2

I played the bad boy type
I even got a skull tattoo
to catch her eye
Dyed my hair bleach blond
made my eyes the deepest blue
she never knew
I even dressed in black,
to get her back
like damaged goods
like the mysterious guy
with that sullen brood (but)

(chorus) x2
(chorus final)
My baby loves that boy band better
and he better stay away
if his hair looks like Bieber
Even if he looks a little gay
well it really doesn't matter cause
My baby loves that boy band better

go figure

Very funny, very entertaining. A classic send-up, very well-performed, arranged and produced. I often don't like a lot of mixing effects but in this case it worked very well.

Very clever and funny and sweet. The guitar works wonderfully in the background almost pretending to be independent of the words. The music is fresh and unique, not the usual
whompa whompa whompa of so very many folk tunes. And the words are hilarious, sung with wit and self mocking humor. All the alliterative lines are wonderfully funny.

Tongue deep in your cheek.....but I love it......we all get the sentiment........

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Clean Clean

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