Walk Away Town

Story Behind The Song

My cowriter is from a very small town, I have lived in some very big towns, yet we both thought when we were ready to leave the "nest" we wanted the opposite of what we had. He headed for a big city and I for a small town....today we are back where we belong. So we wrote about it.

Song Description

Small town boy can't wait to get out of his town....there has to be more for him in a bigger city. He gets to the big city and quickly discovers that is not the place for him either, everything he was trying to find was right there in his little town.

Song Length 3:29 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - Traditional
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Troubled, Restless Subject Change, City
Similar Artists Toby Keith Language English
Era 2000 and later


"Walk Away Town"
© 2010
R. VanVooren / J. Brehmer

Just like an open book,.. With a water tower title
Went from farm town, to mill town, to ghost town, now everything sits idle
A Couple corner pubs, and a half a dozen churches
Between the barstools, and the pews, seems like, everybody's searchin'
Where the motel sign blinks vacancy
And the next right takes you out,.....
Of this Walk Away Town, This Walk Away Town

With Miles of skyline lights,... Like you see them in the movies
Taxi's, limousine's, hurry please, but nothings really moving
Around every corner turned, there's a continent of change
Uptown, Downtown, Chinatown, everything's so strange
Where Main Street turns to mean street
And the next flight takes you out,....
Of this Walk Away Town, This Walk Away Town

It doesn't matter where you're from
Seems you're dying to get out
' Cuz Everybody's searchin'
For what can only be found

Back in your Walk Away Town...walk away town....

Where the motel sign blinks vacancy
And the next right takes you out,.....
It takes you out.....
Of this Walk Away Town, This Walk Away Town
This walk away town.....this walk away town......fade

Lyrics J. Brehmer & R. VanVooren Music J. Brehmer & R. VanVooren

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