Mr. Whiskey

Story Behind The Song

Randy, cowriter, had the idea and a melody. We got together with another great writer friend of ours and the three of us told the story of a struggle between a man and a bottle of Whiskey.

Song Description

Man has a drinking problem, he begins referring to the bottle of whiskey as a person, calling it Mr. Whiskey. This allows him to put blame on the bottle and not on himself for being a drinker. In the end he tells Mr Whiskey to crawl back to his spot on the shelf and he will start putting the blame on himself.

Song Length 3:08 Genre Country - General, Country - Traditional
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Mad, Serene Subject Alchohol, Beer, Wine, Change
Similar Artists Randy Travis, Alan Jackson Language English
Era 2000 and later


"Mr. Whiskey"
© 2010
R. VanVooren / J. Brehmer / M. Heath

Hey Mr. Whiskey, what were you thinking?
You let me down,...when you whispered keep drinkin'
Now I can't undo all those dumb things you said
They tear me up, like this pain in my head

Mr. Whiskey,...You chased off my wife
You cost me my job,...and damned near my life
I'm buried in bills and I'm knee deep in debt
My poor shattered pride,... is all I have left
........Mr. Whiskey

I'm tired of living with shame driven fear
All the memories are hazy, but the wreckage is clear
Move over you fool, God can take it from here
Can't you see?,......

Hey Mr. Whiskey,... I should have known
You're not my friend,... so I'm lettin' you go
You can crawl back to your spot on the shelf
I'm startin' over, by blamin' myself
........Mr. Whiskey
Mr. Whiskey
Hey Mr. Whiskey

Lyrics J. Brehmer, M. Heath & R. VanVooren Music J. Brehmer, M. Heath & R. VanVooren

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