Opportunities to Learn

Song Description

Cool and jazzy in temperament, it puts the troubles we go through into perspective. We might as well learn something from our mistakes, otherwise the discomfort was for nothing.

Song Length 3:52 Genre R & B - Contemporary, Blues - Rock
Tempo Slow (71 - 90)


Opportunities to Learn
(copyright Mario Vickram Sen - 26 Oct 2000)

It?s a slow descent down the road to hell,
I have travelled it before and I know it well.
When I saw it approach I made this promise to myself,
I said - You must not go that way again

But I was drawn like a magnet ... or a hammer to a nail,
By the weight of my history and all that entails.
I could see it quite clearly as it pulled me in,
And I thought - Oh ... here I go again

And I asked myself - What did I do to end up in this place?
They say there?s no such thing as failure, no such thing as disgrace,
All decisions made in anger, and the bridges we will burn,
Are just another opportunity to learn

I wondered what could be waiting for me through this door.
What could I have learned that I did not know before?
Must there be such sorrow when you first learn to grieve?
Must I go that way again?


Could the answer be so simple - that you make what you choose?
That you choose how you sound by the voice that you use?
There must be some way out, I would like to believe
That I will not go that way again.


Lyrics Mario Vickram Sen Music Mario Vickram Sen
Producer Mario Vickram Sen Performance Mario Vickram Sen

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