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Scientists have recently discovered a part of the human consciousness which seeks perfect freedom from society?s rules and regulations, and desires to play, to dance, to sing, to be creative, and to connect with the human species. They have termed this characteristic the ?Inner Gypsy?. The study of this personality trait is known as ?Gypsychology?.

Song Length 3:47 Genre World - World Beat, Jazz - Fusion
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Exultant, Welcoming Subject Freedom
Similar Artists Chick Corea Language English
Era 2000 and later


(copyright Mario Vickram Sen - 13 Apr 2006)

We may behave in unexpected ways,
We may see colors no one else can see.
But we believe that we are in this world to play.
And suffering is not how we were meant to be.

We will dance amongst the waves together,
Bearing witness to our strange philosophy.
Call us crazy, you won?t feel that way forever,
Soon you?ll learn to use this word, it?s ?Gypsychology.?

Gypsychology may be making us crazy,
But we don?t want to be part of no corporation.
We just want to be free,
We don?t need need no homeland or nation,
There is one simple word to celebrate our personality...

We are citizens of the world,
With no allegiance to dominion or state.
So we present to you this banner we?ve unfurled,
A rich alternative for bigotry or hate.

Every color touching every other
There?s only one idea we must repudiate
These lines that separates our sister from our brother,
When all we need to do is to communicate.


Lyrics Mario Vickram Sen Music Mario Vickram Sen
Producer Mario Vickram Sen Performance Mario Vickram Sen & Tiffany Schoff

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