Only 17

Song Description

...and all the stupid mistakes that were made

Song Length 3:57 Genre Country - General, World - World Beat
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Moving, Still
Subject Life


Only 17
(copyright Mario Vickram Sen 2000)

Every time that I think of you, it?s a sad memory.
Dreaming ?bout what we could have been, and what you were to me.
By the time I am speaking of you were already gone.
I still thought of you day and night, I kept singing that song.

I was only seventeen. Didn?t know what losing could mean.
Thought the whole world belonged to me, I was only a boy.

Didn?t know how to get you back. Didn?t know how to make you stay.
And I guess if I could?ve done, you would never have gone away.
I was guilty and I was innocent, and I couldn?t hold my booze.
Any drunk could?ve told me then, I was destined to lose.


We were all so much younger then.
We believed everything would change.
And in some ways I suppose it did,
But it?s still mostly the same


Lyrics Mario Vickram Sen Music Mario Vickram Sen
Producer Mario Vickram Sen Performance Mario Vickram Sen & Tiffany Schoff

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