Up to Now

Story Behind The Song

Existential breakthroughs of the time, all encapsulated in song. This timeless classic pop/standard hit has strong, clear structure, focus and meter. Strong visuals and triumphant mood with lyric suitable for female or male with the gender tweak makes this an outstanding work for your multi song project.

Song Length 2:36 Genre Pop - Standards, Pop - Standards
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Mood Exultant, In High Spirits
Subject Determination, Spirituality


Up to Now ~ Lyrics: Gregor Rice aka Joules LaHae @ Broadjam © 1982

[I couldn't figure out how to upload lyrics only so I uploaded songs from Mom's Hit CD ~ Ruth Gregor @ Broadjam... so that's why that's here]

I've lived... my life
Feeling like I don't belong
I've lived... my life
Feeling like I'm always wrong
And not so strong
Without a song
Up to Now

i see the bread upon the water
I hear the heartbeat of the land
Aetheric Mother Nature's daughter
Afraid to fly
Up to Now

I just can't wait a minute longer
A starving multitude's at hand
I fell the spirit growing stronger
The soul denied
Up to Now

B: Instrumental Interlude ~ or ~ add B lyrics/chorus to repeat per format

A hundred thousand generations
Matured the time to take a stand
Mind's existential abnegation [I had to say that ~ I can change it]
Up to Now

An earthly-cosmic culmination
A universe at my command
Beyond my wildest expectations
Up to Now

Right now
Right now
Right now.... finis

Lyrics Gregor Rice aka Joules LaHae @ Broadjam Publisher Gregor Rice Publishing ~ Open

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