At Christmastime vocal version

Story Behind The Song

Recounting the rich, vivid memories of coming home for the holidays, now sorely missed. See: Ruth Gregor @ Broadjam! The last of the Mohicans here, both she and father, Paul, sorely missed, yet pleasant memories remain, thanks to the wonderful parents they were.

Song Description

Envisioning the warm, tender scenes of coming home for Christmas holidays. credits (c) 1984-2016 Music: Mark Kiewsetter & Gregor Rice Lyrics: Gregor Rice Performance: Mark Kieswetter Arrangement: Kieswetter~Rice Vocals: Deb Thomas Mix/Master: Walter Guy/KWG Productions

Song Length 3:42 Genre Unique - Holiday, Pop - Standards
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Content, Pleased Subject Home, Holidays
Similar Artists Celine Dion, Lady GaGa Language English
Era 2000 and later


At Christmastime

[camera commercial version has sound of camera click at each vivid image below - also have instrumental, both BCQ]

Candlelit windows... a wreathe on the door

Piping hot chocolate all ready to pour

Isn't it nice to be home at Christmas

Shimmering pine trees with stars up above

Warm, tender greeting from someone you love

Gee, but it's nice to be home At Christmastime

Sparkling snowflakes in free fall

Dance with angels in flight

Yuletide caroling fireside

Gifts you can share

People who care

Family gathered like children at play

Counting each blessing while cares melt away

Yes, it's so nice to be home At Christmastime

Instrumental Bridge

High on the rooftops of glistening snow

Santa and reindeer set hearts all aglow

Oh, It's so nice to be home At Christmastime

Yes, it's so ever so nice to be home At Christmastime

Broadcast Quality Master

Deb Thomas: Vocals

Music: (c) 1984-2016 Mark Kieswetter & Gregor Rice
Lyrics: (c) 1984-2016 Gregor Rice
Arrangement: Keiswetter~Rice
Performance: Mark Kieswetter
Vocal: Deb Thomas
Mix/Master: Walter Guy, JWG Productions
Gregor Rice Publishing ~ BMI
260-495-3211 after 11 a.m. IN EDT USA

Lyrics Gregor Rice aka Joules LaHae Music Gregor Rice & Mark Kieswetter
Producer Gregor Rice Publisher Gregor Rice Publishing ~ BMI
Performance Mark Kieswetter Label RiceSound Studios
This track is on 1 Broadjam Top 10 Lists
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Indiana #10

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