Let YourSelf Love

Story Behind The Song

Another inspired gem by the Rice Factor

Song Description

Smooth.... sensual....enticing... flute carries lyrics with lots of space... until the recording is finished!

Song Length 5:24 Genre R & B - Contemporary, Jazz - Lounge
Tempo Floating Lead Vocal Mixed Vocals
Mood Cool, Enchanting Subject Attracted, Crush, Falling in Love
Similar Artists Cher, Madonna Language English
Era 2000 and later


Let YourSelf Love

Cher's next BIG hit 2014 just the way it is.

Otherwise, MAY be changing bridge lyrics to fit 'The Nubbin' from The Stories of Tarajories www.tarajories.com/nubbin.html

~ Lyrics follow flute part ~

Oooo, I love you, boy [gilr]
You know it's never over... nev'r... nev'r
I love you, baby
You know it's never too late
To Let YourSelf Love

Oooo, you love me, boy [girl]
I feel your silent heart speak... touch me... heal me
You love me, baby
You know it's senseless to wait
Hey, Let YourSelf Love

Inside, you tremble like a scared child
You would love somebody, if you could
Instead you're actin' like a bad [littl] boy [girl]
You're a first-class asshole... if you're nothing

Oooo, you're dreamin,' boy [girl]
If you could only hold me... rok me... feel me
You'd show me, baby
Love I can't anticipate
And Let YourSelf Love

Words & Music ~ Arr/Per/Rec: Joules LaHae aka Gregor Rice
(c) 1988-2014 Gregor Rice ~ BMI Affiliate

Lyrics Gregor Rice Music Gregor Rice
Producer Gregor Rice Publisher Gregor~Rice Publishing & Production - BMI
Performance Gregor Rice Label RiceSound
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