The Evening Danse

Story Behind The Song

A glowing cast of characters engage us in a journey of extraOrdinary discovery birthing our emergence into the Light of a brand new day. StarKamp, International ~ Global HQ!  Radiance Technology & Interdimensional Artz & Sciencez, Light & Sound Therapy @ their finest!

Song Description

Excerpt from an Interactive Activational Series for StarKidzae of All Ages ~ The Evening Danse calls us to Danse our dream awake in a serene forested clearing of radiance technology and interdimensional arts and sciences, Light & Sound Therapy at their finest. Funding Requested to get the Show on the Road... or net... if you will... This work of excerpts, The Evening Danse herein, contains the score, music/lyrics, script, educational facilitators text, web interactive, games, toys & gadgets, memorabillia of the rarest kind Featuriing Activational Vocals of ieshea calling the Children of the RainBowStar and finding them in droves ~ Guaranteed to Activate your DNA ~ Ignite your LightBody ~ Awaken your Abilities ~ Encoded for whole-brained, heart-centered, energized, serene balance, harmony & oneness with all you need to know ~ be sure to get before & after pics ~ excellent to activate & generate energy to further activate your abilities & energyze them for use in developing Christ Consciousness/Cosmic Consciousness, healing, defusing, energy management, telepathy, extended range perception & projection, message relay/communication, scanning, telekenesis, levitation, supplying, security, social work, teaching, long distance work of all kinds, intuiting, weatherwork, remote viewing, spiritual helping, music, use of sacred geometry, dolphin technology, and all other abilities... see info & information @ the sites below with links on links to glow. re: state-of-the-art, out-in-front-of-the-leading edge information & demonstrations of Radiance Technologae & InterDimensional Artzae & Sciencezae at their finest

Song Length 2:42 Genre Unique - Children, New Age - Health
Tempo Floating Lead Vocal Mixed Vocals
Mood Enchanting, Blissful Subject Heaven, Plants, Forest
Similar Artists , The Blues Brothers Language English
Era 2000 and later


The Evening Danse


~ Sacred Song & Danse ~

Music: Mark Kieswetter ~ Lyrics: Gregor Rice aka Joules LaHae

Danse the Evening Danse with me
Come join our family
In sweet harmony

Won't you come
Danse the Evening Danse with me
To this soothing rhapsody
We'll Danse vis~a~vis

Come join us in the evening Dansing
Come join us in the evening prancing
And fill your heart with romancing

Danse the Evening Danse with me
We'll share Serenity
Out where the moonlight falls so freely,
Softly on the evening sea, oh

Danse the Evening Danse with me
Together we shall see
The day's excitement
Melt deep into dreamery

Danse, come Danse the Evening Danse
To heavenly and earthly chants, ah
Come Danse the Evening Danse with me
Danse the Evening Danse
Oh, please join the Dansing with me
Come Danse
Come Danse

12 Tracks Live Activational Vocals: ieshea aka Gregor Rice aka Joules LaHae @ Broadjam

Excerpt from An InterActive Activational Series for Children & Adults: The Peace Project via: u/c way ~
Music~Arrangement~Performance: Mark Kieswetter Produced~Lyrics~Script~Text~ Web: S. Gregor Rice aka Joules LaHae © 1986 ~ 2014 Kieswetter~Rice
Contact: Suzy Rice aka Joules LaHae ~ 511 East Clear Lake Drive ~ Fremont, IN 46737 1-260-495-3211 after 11 a.m. IN EST ~ demo site in wait of the real deal

Experiential Music: Activational Art & Music. Radiance Technology: State of the Art Ancient Art & Science.

See an example of the work included in the project:

The New Revolution of Light! Be sure to get your before & after pyx of yourself to see the difference in your Radiance after experiencing this Activation of Light & Become an Activator of Light yourself! Kirlians or GDV pyx [] may work best if you are not able to see Auras, Radiance, or Inner Light just yet, but any digi pyx will work in lieu, then post them to the web with YOUR story! You will see for yourself, as a faculty & function of your own Activated Inner Light! FEEL the difference! Get Excited to Luminosity! Be Blessed with Ultimate Freedom, Total Satiation & Absolute Peace. Love & Foster The Light!

For more on Sacred Danse, pitching your listening & receiving telepathic communicatons see:

See Also! Stories of Tarajories copyright 1976-2014 Gregor Rice aka Joules LaHae for the ultimate in Activational Film Stories ready for production both individually and/or collectively or continue the multimedia interactive with added 3-D visuals, et al. Foster The Light ~ Activational Art also Encoded via Activational Energy Artist & Luminarae Joules LaHae Foster The Light ~ About a Light named Foster who Lives inside us ALL! gated waterfront paradise/writer's retreat FSBO ~ 3% commission if your contact buys!

Lyrics Gregor Rice aka Joules LaHae Music Mark Kieswetter
Producer Gregor Rice aka Joules LaHae Publisher Gregor Rice Publishing & Production, Inc. ~ BMI
Performance Vocal Overlays ~ Gregor Rice - Arr/Per ~ Mark Kieswetter Label RiceSound Studios
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The Evening Danse

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