For Dear Life Final Mix

Song Length 4:03 Genre Country - General, Country - Alternative
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English Era 2000 and later


For Dear Life

I believe in the power of man
Calling out to God when nobody can
I still believe in the power of love
So God help the woman I?ve been dreaming of

And it?s a roller coaster ride
Sit back and watch the damn thing drop
Just keep your hands inside
?til we come to a complete stop

And then the world rolls ?round again
just one more day that?s gone
And then we all go ?round again
It?s all we can do to hang on
For dear life

I was born with noble blood
I poured it out in a street fight In my neighborhood
Took me a while
But I?ve come back strong
Now I?m just searching for anyplace
That I belong

And it?s another endless drive
Just turn on the radio
But when you watch those thin white lines
You can get hypnotized, you know

{Repeat Chorus}

And when you?re gone
They add up all you?ve won
And weigh out all the good
Against the bad you?ve done
The sins of the fathers
The sins of the sons
?Til someone cuts the chain
And tries to break and run

It was somewhere out on I35
I nodded off for a minute, but came back alive
I saw head lights shinin? on heaven?s throne
I woke up, turned the car around
And headed home

And it?s another endless ride
All we?re doing is chasing stars
And there?s nothing left to find
That isn?t right there where you are

{Repeat Chorus}

Written by Robert "Blinddog" Cook
(c) 2007 Genesis House Publishing B.M.I. all rights reserved

Lyrics Robert Cook and Gary Ritchey Music Robert Cook
Producer Spence Peppard and Gary Ritchey Publisher Genesis House Publishing B.M.I.
Performance Gary Ritchey Label Genesis House Music

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