Drinkin in Texas Demo Version

Story Behind The Song

I was in a city up north that will remain unnamed and ordered a Dos XX "dressed". the experiance that followed inspired this song.

Song Description

A song about how they serve Dos Equis in Texas and how they have no clue how to serve it up north.

Song Length 3:14 Genre Country - General, Country - Alternative
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Cheerful
Subject Alchohol, Beer, Wine Language English
Era 2000 and later


Drinking In Texas

I?ve been driven by wind
Driven by rain
I?ve driven this highway
I don?t mean to complain
I was running from love
That didn?t work out
Driven so far from home
Wondering what life?s about

So I stopped at this bar
For a taste of my past
I said, ?Gimme one cold Dos Equus?
And she hands me a glass
I said this ain?t the way
That they serve ?em in Texas
She said, ?Honey, that ain?t where you are.?
So I tipped my hat
And got back in my car

It?s good to be drinking in Texas
Where the girls know how to dress a Dos Equus
Somewhere up north, it may be Miller time
But, down here, It?s Dos Equus,
A little salt, and a lime

It?s funny how something
Like Mexican beer
Can trigger some memory
And make everything clear
A little green bottle
A little green lime
Some swift Austin pickers
And some sweet peace of mind

So the old eyes of Texas
Are on me today
Yeah, I mess up sometimes,
They just look the other way
But they still keep me humble
They keep me alive
And at the end of the day we?ll survive
Like the good label warned me
?Son, ya can?t drink and drive.?

{Repeat Chorus}

The girls here can two-step
They dance up a storm
They wear their hair somewhat bigger
But, their hearts are so warm

Thank God I was born here..

{Repeat Chorus}

© 2005 Genesis House Publishing BMI Written by Gary Ritchey and Robert Cook.

Lyrics Gary Ritchey and Robert Cook Music Gary Ritchey and Robert Cook
Producer Spence Peppard Publisher Genesis House Publishing B.M.I.
Label Indie
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