A Little Too Late

Song Length 4:09 Genre Country - General, Country - General
Tempo Non 4/4 Mood Heartbreaking
Subject Attracted, Crush Language English
Era 2000 and later


A Little Too Late

I find myself reaching out for you
Only after you've gone
I always find the perfect words to say
Sitting here all alone

As the hands of that old clock keep turning around
They seal my fate
And I just keep on rehearsing, learn my lines
A little too late

A little too late to tell you I love you
A little too late to tell you how I feel
Time marches on leave me here all alone
With the perfect words just a little too late

I saw your picture with him today
In the hometown news
Why couldn't I just get the nerve to say?
No one could love you like I do
As the bells of that old church keep echoing down
They seal my fate
Tonight I'll lay down without you, wish I could turn back time
But it's a little too late

Just like the rain falling down on a hot Texas day
After the flowers have withered and gone
Would it change anything if I told you today
How I've felt for so long?

Lyrics Gary Ritchey and Dawn Tietze Music Gary Ritchey
Producer Spence Peppard Publisher Genesis House Publishing BMI
Performance Gary Ritchey Label Indie

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