Where Have You Been

Song Description

A look to the inside for the answers

Song Length 4:28 Genre Pop - Alternative
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Tranquil Subject Hope
Similar Artists Shawn Colvin Language English
Era 2000 and later


No one would suspect beyond a shadow of a doubt
That deep inside you're weary as you wear your smile out
So you hide inside your solitude and deeper you despair
Into a tomb of numb and nothingness
Even God can't find you there
Where Have You Been
You've Been a long time gone
Where Have You Been
Please come home
Blurts of critism undermine your lofty well
You've watched your spirit suicide on that bloody road to hell
You've become your television as the static soothes your brain
You're a living breathing flatline
A distant cousin to your pain
Where Have You Been
You've been a long time gone
Where Have You Been
You can come home
Somewhere something's cracking
It's a sound that you can't place
And from the depths of your depression
A tear runs down your face
And you lift off from the comfort that has kept your body down
And you run into God's wilderness in search of that sweet sound
And it whispers
Where Have You Been
You've been a long time gone
Where Have You Been
You can come home
Sweet child of mine
Where have you been
Welcome Home

Lyrics Fran Lucci Music Fran Lucci
Producer Hank Linderman Publisher Oochmuse Publishing, Inc.
Performance Fran Lucci Label Oochmuse Records

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