Show Me How You Feel

Song Description

Talk is cheap. Let's get down to it!

Song Length 3:33 Genre Blues - Traditional, Blues - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Enchanting Subject General
Similar Artists Bonnie Raitt Language English


You're talkin hearts
You're namin names
You're buildin cases
You layin blame
You got the blueprint down
A package deal
Why don't you just shut up and show me how you feel

You got the language down
You never stutter
But all that rhetoric
Won't melt the butter
You know the menu
Is not the meal
Why don't you just shut up and show me how you feel

I don't want contracts
I just want action
Don't give me no promises
I need some sweet
Some sweet satisfaction

Don't be so clever
Just be sincere
And bring that sweet mouth of yours
On over here
Cause I need to taste it
Make sure it's real
Why don't you just shut up and show me how you feel

copyright 2006 by Fran Lucci and Kay Parker
Oochmuse Publishing and Parkerhouse Music

Lyrics Ka Parker Music Fran Lucci
Producer Ed Tree Publisher Oochmuse Publishing/Parkerhouse Music
Performance Fran Lucci
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