Saint Christopher

Story Behind The Song

On the way to the NOLA airport, a young woman learns to count her blessings, after hearing the story of Katrina first hand from a taxi driver.

Song Description

Whenever you think you've got it bad, there is always someone else who has had it worse.

Song Length 4:37 Genre Pop - Rock, Country - Rock
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Worried Subject Hope, Taxi
Similar Artists Lady Antebellum, Stevie Nicks Language English
Era 2000 and later


Saint Christopher

5 am I'm hot and sticky
New Orleans you got me bitchy
And I can't find my phone
At the curb a cab is waiting
He takes my bags & he says "Lady,
It's time to get you home."

I get in & breathe a sigh
Settle back and close my eyes
I say a little prayer
Is anybody there?

Saint Christopher
I'm down on my knees
Praying for protection
Can you help me, please?
Saint Christopher
I'm going home today
Beneath your wings
I hope you'll keep me safe

The driver tells amusing stories
Of all his kids in all their glory
I listen with one ear
He says, "Katrina turned us upside down
The levies broke and drowned this town
God must have up and......disappeared

We left home with next to nothing
In Apouloosas at my cousin's
We all said our prayers
But was there anyone who cared?

Saint Christopher
I was down on my knees
Praying for protection
Could you help us please?
Saint Christopher
We lost our home that day
Beneath your wings
I hoped you'd keep us safe

Suddenly I feel ashamed
For fussing about the rain
When this decent man's lost everything he owned and somehow finds his way back home

6 am the sun is blazing
The NOLA airport traffic's crazy
I quickly pay my fare
At the curb my bags are waiting
He takes my hand and he says "Lady,
Now you take care."
"If you're ever back in town
My name is Chris I'll come around
Just tell me when and where
And I will take you there."

Saint Christopher
I was down on my knees
Praying for protection
When you came for me
Saint Christopher
I'm going home today
Beneath your wings
I know you'll keep me safe

© 2016 by Fran Lucci

Lyrics Fran Lucci Music Fran Lucci
Producer Travis Allen Publisher Oochmuse Publishing
Performance Fran Lucci
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