I Make A Difference (Megan Van Alstine)

Song Description

This song features Megan Van Alstine on vocals. It is about all the individuals that work so tirelessly to help/heal others. From a housekeeper, a food service worker, an electrician, or a teacher, to a police officer, a fireman, a nurse or a physician... these are all individuals that I truly hope go to bed each night saying to themselves... I Make a Difference.

Song Length 3:28 Genre Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Subject I, Me, Mine, Pride Language English
Era 2000 and later


I Make A Difference
Megan Van Alstine (Vocals), Jane Pietrantoni (Lyrics), Music by Frank Pietrantoni

Do I have to prove to the world
(That I belong,)
Does it really matter what I do.
Do I need to go to school
(To sing my song)
Should I really want to impress you.

'cause, I've made a difference
In your life, and I can feel that
I've made a difference in your life.

Will changing places make me a better person
Will dressing up change your point of view
Are you blind to the difference that I'm making
Doing all the things that I must do

So I can make a difference
In your life, yeah I can see it
Yeah I can make a difference
In your life in your life
Yeah I can make the difference
In the ways you always need it
And I've made a difference in your life, in your life

Try to spend a day without me
And feel the burden you rarely ever see
Look at me with appreciation
I'm the one; the strength you've counted on.

Yeah, I have made the difference
In your life, yeah I can feel it
And I've made a difference
In your life in your life
Yeah I've made the difference
In your life, you know you feel it
And I've made the difference in your life. (the difference in your life)
Oh you feel it
I am the difference in your life
Yeah you feel it
I know that I'm the difference in your life

Wow, who'd guess that a pair of two guitar quarter notes placed every two measures could be such a compelling hook to bring you right into the song? Plus a very original and positive set of lyrics about how important a human with committed sense of responsibility, individuality, and caring can make...and it's told in a new way. I love the unique and memorable tune and composition. The female vocal really brings out the song emotionally. Some songs really do deserve to make an impact as a huge hit and this would be one of them.

This is such a cool song , I love the arrangements, GREAT EFFORT !

Powerhouse of a Rock pop song! Great vocalist delivering a solid message. Well balanced and pro production. First class!

I liked the song. Very interesting chord choices and progression. Great execution of all the instruments and good lead vocal. Very current sounding. This song has definite potential and I can imagine this song on the radio or used for sync and license work.

Lyrics Tellarni Music FrankLP
Producer FrankLP Performance Megan Van Alstine (vocals)
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