My name is Rebecca Drimmel and I’m a vocalist, composer, producer and musician. I compose, mix and create my music without access to a music studio. I compose a wide variety of genres anywhere from ambient to rap and everything in between. Music is my passion. I’ve been involved in music my whole life, it is who I am. I write all my music on these music DAWs (GarageBand, Reason Compact and Logic Pro for Ipad). I started singing when I was about four and started writing music at the age of eight. 

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My dreampop song ‘Heartless’ is featured at #1 on the Pop/Dreampop top 10 Broadjam charts! Thank you to all for supporting me and my music, it is greatly appreciated!

On the second day of release my dance album was featured at #25 on the dance charts. My K-pop EP was featured at #31 on the K-pop charts both in the USA, In 2022. I have placed finalists and semi finalists placements in an international songwriting contests.
I copyrighted my music, here are links below

‘Heart of love’ composed, published and copyrighted by Rebecca Drimmel

‘A New World’ copyrighted, published and composed by Rebecca Drimmel


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Shelly Lee
over 30 days ago to Rebecca Drimmel

Love yourvsong Heartless Rebecca!
Thank you for the nice review of my song Paint Me.
Shelly Lee

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Rebecca Drimmel
over 30 days ago

Thank you so much! I appreciate it!

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