Doherty's Mazurka/Sonny Brogan's Mazurka

Story Behind The Song

Heard the Chieftains do it and we liked it!!!! The combination of instruments from the penny whistle to the hammer dulcimer and fiddle make this a really fun song to do.

Song Description

A form of instrumental music, the mazurka is characterized by a tempo that is both fast and upbeat, featuring a unique triple meter. Generally, there is a very heavy emphasis on the second or third beat of the rhythm. Tracing the origins of the mazurka as a music art form back to the 19th century is not difficult at all. Mazurkas constitute a distinctive part of the traditional dance music of County Donegal, Ireland.

Song Length 2:59 Genre World - Celtic, World - Celtic
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Mood Charming, Welcoming
Subject Joy, Happiness Era 1800 - 1899
Lyrics None Music Traditional
Producer Foley Road Publisher Foley Road
Performance Foley Road Label Foley Road

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