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Essentially it's about communication and trust. Having the trust in the one you love to express yourself freely without fear of any reprisals.

Song Length 3:54 Genre Pop - Easy Listening, R & B - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Engaging Subject Relationship
Similar Artists Michael Buble Language English
Era 2000 and later

Wow, what a voice! This artist really should be encouraged to sing professionally. This is an encouraging song.

I enjoyed the quality of the recording. Had nice progression. The song is stuck in my head. (That's a good thing)

Nice folk sound and feel. I like the way song builds and moves. Good melody and lyrics. Well recorded and well played. A good strong chorus and hooks all through the song. Key change gives it a nice lift.. Well done, thanks for sharing it.

First I LOVE the guitar.. Extremely talented. The lyrics and Vocals are great. Definetly could see this become a hit. Easy to listen to, dance to, bop to.. Really enjoyed it.

A really endearing classic sounding rock and roll song with an Elvis sounding lead vocalist. Very easy to listen too.

Good song it has catchy lyric and rhythm.Great on the hook lines. My best hopes and wishes to this artist God Bless!!!

nice song I like the lyrics love the voice

nice simplistic sound. decent mix. very old school. nice job adding the string but the volume needs to be lower when they first come in.. and those drums need to be change... the sound is to mechanical for your song. you need a more natural drum sound.. possibly a percussion section instead of full drumbeat

Not over done, liked the hook and use of instruments, good harmonies too, great.

good progression with the strings really makes the record

Good bass/rhythm and catchy hook

This was surprising. Just based on the backing beat I was not expecting the vocal that did come in. It doesn't exactly match but I enjoyed that fact. I caught me off guard.

Some songs just have that certain something. and i think this is one of those songs. i liked the melody and the vocal style is very nice, musically the strings were good. nice arrangment that picks up in tempo but very subtle,
enjoyable song that flows with ease

Thia has a lovely Sam Cooke or Righteous Brothers feel to it. I am drifting back to the 60's. I love it.

Awesome bass playing and vocals. Very cool vibe. Great job!

Wow, is all I can say about this chap's voice! it's amazing! I hope that you are a full time musician, because it would be a shame not to get your voice out there to the labels! Excellent, one of the best singers I have heard on Broadjam! Well done!

WEll done! Good mix and the vocals are velvet!
Lyrics are lovely about love's affirmations!
Good rhythm may have picked wrong Genre.

Lyrics Eric Keepa Music Eric Keepa
Producer Les Donaldson
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