Another Door - Original

Story Behind The Song

An expression to inspire anyone subjected to domestic or relationship abuse to find the courage to walk away.

Song Length 3:41 Genre Country - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Encouragement Similar Artists Elvis Presley
Language English Era 2000 and later


She picks up the broken pieces
scattered on the floor
Wipes the blood from her face
as he slams the door
Pictures on the mantel show happier times
Shes living in deception
hiding his crimes

There comes a time for us all
To walk through another door

Now her friends they don't know
what she's been going through
She's afraid to tell them
for what he might do
And in her mind
In her soul
She knows she must leave him
She knows she must go


Cause there comes a time for us all
to walk through
Another Door
Another Door
Another Door,Walk through Another door.

Now she knows it won't be easy
what she's about to do
She's lived this life
but this life is through
No more tears
No more pain
It's time for her to stand up again


Walk through another door
It's time to make a change
It's time to make a change
Walk through another door
It's time to make a change
It's time to make a change
Walk through another door
It's time to make a change
It's time to make a change
Walk through another door
It's time to make a change

great imagery nice back ground vocals, I liked the chord progression and the rhythm, it reminds me of a great song from another musical era (whether that's good or bad, I don't know)
Your song has merit and the voices have quality to them. "walk through another door" is perfect imagery for what she has to do. Its a real dark subject to try to make a song from

This song was very touching, I went through a horrible abusive situation and this song gave a good message. I loved your voice. Great song.

Original and timely. Very good harmonies and they back up the strong lead vocal. Vocal production was excellent. Great job.

I love the instrumentation. Personally I like song with space to digest the words and feel the story lovely subtle feel to the song without being too dark. Thanks for the listen

Great Vocals and harmonies. Nice instrumentation. Nice changes.

This is a song that really need to out in the market. it has such a great story line. an even though I don't listen to much country , I would buy this. an listen to it.

A solid demo reminiscent of classic scales used with Peter Gabriel in the 80s and 90s. At the very least you should be able to find a home for this production with a family title or documentary.

Beautiful guitar work , great vocals and instrumentation layering. Background vocals quality was exceptional as well . Great job with interesting story lyrics ! Really a pleasure to listen to !

I enjoyed the song and how it starts in one place and then eventually grows.

nice country/folk song with good vocals and instrumentation. liked the way it begins and picks up in tempo
good lyrical theme and melody nice track

I have never heard a song about spouse abuse. This is very much a needed song. I can see it being played at Safe Houses for abused spouses. The opening verse was very powerful. The blood, the slammed door, the pictures on the mantle. Excellent word pictures that draw the listener into the song. Not a happy song to listen to, but what you said needs saying.

Nice feel, almost crosses the lines of Country and Rock. Beautiful Harmony.

nice writing, great instrumentation, good story plot. a job well done!

Lyrics Erid Keepa Music Eric Keepa
Producer Les Donaldson
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