Wedding Song

Story Behind The Song

This is a demo for my Godson, one of three song to chose for his wedding... This is the one they chose for me to sing at their wedding.

Song Description

singing about what marriage is about

Song Length 3:28 Genre Folk - General, Pop - Dance
Tempo Very Slow (Under 70) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Tranquil, Enchanting Subject Life, Spirituality
Similar Artists Peter, Paul & Mary, Peter, Paul & Mary Language English
Era 1960 - 1969

Very nice cover. Instrumental sound was quite fitting for the song.

'Really liked the guitar - piano interplay; it provided a fresh flavor for this well known song. The instrumental mix is very good. The voice quality is also very good.

Simple piano/vocal arrangement.

Always loved this song......played it at a few weddings myself!! The vocal is beautifully performed and I like the staccato effect in the well with this song!

Very beautiful take on a very beautiful song. Vocals and arrangement both stand out nicely, and instrumentation kept simple, which is certainly a good thing for this piece.

Here's a really pretty female cover version of the classic Paul Stookey wedding song, There is love. It begins with lovely crooning. The instrumentation is sweet and simple. I can hear this lady singing at many a wedding. Her vocal is honest, heartfelt and right on target.

well a nice song about the most important thing in life---love!

Lovely song. Strong vocal...The singer sells the song really well, it reminds me of Joan Baez or early Joni Mitchell. Nice stereo separation. A lyrical idea that people can relate to.Just the right length...concise and to the point.

I like the opening instrumentation.... I couldn't speak to the commerciality of the piece as it is a well known song.... but I appreciate the well-articulated vocals.

Nice rendition of noel's classic. Good blending of the piano and guitar. Instrumental break is just the right touch

Lyrics Paul Stookey Music Paul Stookey
Producer Joe Podlesny Publisher Paul Stookey
Performance Delta Burnett Reed/music arranger Joe Podlesny Label Avocet Studio
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