Polly Von

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Trad folk song taken from real life, so I read somewhere, the loss of a loved one in the almost dark while hunting swans....Swan were eaten at one time...

Song Length 5:02 Genre World - Celtic, Folk - Traditional


Polly Von

I shall tell of a hunter
whose life was undone
by the cruel hand of evil
at the setting of the sun
his arrow was loosed
and it flew through the dark
his true love was slain
as the shaft found it's mark


She'd her apron wrapped about her
and he took her for a swan
and it's oh, and alas,
it was she Polly Von

He ran up beside her,
and found it was she,
He turned away his head
for he could not bear to see,
He lifted her up
and found she was dead,
a fountain of tears
for his true love he shed.


He bore her away
to his home by the sea
and Father oh Father
I've murdered poor Polly
I've killed my fair love
in the flower of her life
I'd always intended
that she be my wife



He roamed near the place
where his true love was slain,
He wept bitter tears
but his cries were all in vain,
as he looked on the lake
a swan glided by
and the sun slowly sank
in the grey of the sky



and so and alas
it was she

Lead vocal Delta Burnett Reed
Back up vocal Joe Podlesny
Musical arranger Joe Podlesny
Guitar Joe Podlesny
Keyboard Joe Podlesny

Beautiful ballad story song. Very well arranged. Lead singer is on point.

Very beautiful lead vocals and great instrumentation, I like how the guitar blends together with the flute.

oh like the start, good nice voice and correct instrumentation.

beautiful vocals and instrumentations. I love the guitar and strings(?) - what is that? Sure is pretty. I love the echo - oooohh part - gave me chills there!

exquisite arrangement in support of an other-worldly and haunting tale. authenticity of the genre is spot on. gentle vocal presentation enhances the mood and flavor. spellbinding indeed.

Lyrics Traditional Music Joe Podlesny
Producer Joe Podlesny Publisher Joe Podlesny
Performance Delta Burnett Reed/ music arranger Joe Podlesny Label Avocet studio
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