Hush Ye My Bairne

Story Behind The Song

A Song for my loveys

Song Description

all about what a sleeping baby will do when he is grown for his mother

Song Length 3:34 Genre Folk - Traditional, World - Celtic
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Tranquil, Endearing Subject Sleep, Tired, Fatigued, Baby, Children
Similar Artists Loreena McKennitt, Sarah Brightman Language English
Era 1700 - 1799


Hush ye my bairnie, my bonnie wee dearie sleep come and close your ten heavy and wearie.
Close to the wearie ten rest you are taken, sound be your sleepin' and bright be your waken


Hush ye my bairnie, my bonnie we laddie, when your a man you shall follow your daddy, lift me a coo and a goat and a wether, bring them home to yer minnie the gather.


Hush ye my bairnie my bonnie wee lammie, routh O' guid things ye shall bring tae your mammie; hare frae the meadow, and deer frae the mountain, grouse frae the muirlan and trout frae the fountain.


Scottish Vocabulary
bairnie- baby wee- little
wether-ram hame-home
gither-giver? een-eye tae-to
routh=plenty O'guid-of good
frae-from muirlan-moorland

Wonderful traditional rendition. Well sung and nicely acsented with th harp sounds. The vocals weave in and out and together very beautifully. The song leaves you with a very peaceful feeling, dare I say peaceful easy feeling?

Haunting Celtic/Irish lullaby. Sounds very authentic with simple, yet beautiful instrumentation. Love the harp playing. Vocals are high and sweet, right the money, strong and soft and beautiful. The love definitely seeps through every sweet note. Just the right amount of reverb on the vocal.

Everything is right where it is supposed to... great job

Beautiful moving, emotionally stirring song!! Vocal is just beautiful!! The arrangement/production are a perfect fit!

I like your vocals smooth, and claiming.

Very smooth, feels like some Irish countryside song. The vocals are very clean and on pitch. This song is etherial in nature and kind of whisks one into the ethos.

Beautiful angelic sounding lead vocals, I also like the keyboards and backing vocals.

Sounds like Mary Black.

I like this kind of music. It's very easy to listen to. Don't know how good the market potential is. This is far different from what is often considered country/folk today. It's a level above the manufactured sounds currently heard on mainstream radio..... The instruments and vocals match-up very well. There's definitely a professional feel to the recording. Seems as if the arrangement is very smooth. Likewise, I think the song is pretty original, at least when compared to today's music. This kind of reminds me of Celtic/Irish songs that are covered in mystery and folklore. It has a haunting sound and aura to it that has a relaxing effect on the listener. I do like it a lot. Just don't know if today's typical mainstream radio fan is sophisticated enough to truly "get" this kind of music.

Lyrics Traditional scottish lullaby Music Joe Podlesny
Producer Joe Podlesny Publisher Joe Podlesny
Performance Delta Burnett Reed/music arranger Joe Podlesny Label Avocet Studio
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