Ghost Riders - Reprise

Story Behind The Song

song I have loved forever!

Song Description

Man see a herd of steers in the sky and is told this maybe his destiny.

Song Length 4:33 Genre Pop - General, Country - Americana
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Nervous, Disconcerted Subject Life, Fear
Language English Era 1800 - 1899


Ghost Riders

An old cowboy went riding out,
one dark and windy day,
upon a ridge he rested
as he went along his way

When all at once a mighty herd
of red eyed cows he saw
a-plowing through the ragged sky
and up the cloudy draw


Their brands were still on fire and
their hooves were made of steel,
their horns were black and shiny and
their hot breath he could feel

A bolt of fear went through him
as they thundered through the sky,
for he saw the riders coming hard and
he heard their mournful cry

Yippi yi Ohhhh
Yippi yi Yaaaay
Ghost Riders in the sky

Their faces, gaunt their eyes were blurred
their shirts all soaked with sweat
their riding heard to catch that herd,
but he ain't caught 'em yet

'cause they've got to ride forever on the
range up in the sky
on horses snorting fire,
as they ride on hear their cry

Yippi yi Ohhhh
Yippi yi Yaaaay
Ghost Riders in the sky

As the riders loped on by him
he heard one call his name,
if you want to save your soul hell
a-riding on our range

Then cowboy change your ways today
or with us you will ride,
trying to catch that Devils herd
across these endless skies

Yippi yi Ohhhh
Yippi yi Yaaaay

Ghost Riders in the sky

This is good cover of the classic Ghost Riders. This rendition is unique in that it takes a more "stage/theater" stylistic approach. The vocal emphasizes that style and has an almost angelic sound/feel. I could see this used in the proper context of a Stage/Theater, TV/Film or Video production. Good job.

Really good take on a timeless classic. Excellent instrumentation and very captivating vocals.

I like the instrumentation and sound effects it definitely creates the mood that the melody and lyrics project. Overall it was an enjoyable listen. Well done!

nice version...

nice remake

Producer Joe Podlesny Publisher Joe Podlesny
Performance Delta Burnett Reed/music arranger Joe Podlesny Label Avocet Studio
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