I Hope

Story Behind The Song

The lyrics to this song struck me when I met someone that I was hoping was going to be that special someone. Everything seemed magical and new and the hope was there that this would be the one. Then a friend called and told me he met the perfect girl and was dating her. As we were talking about life and family, more and more lyrics came to me, all dealing with the hope for the future of this new found relationships. Sad to say, my hope went unfulfilled as of the time of this writing. On a positive note, my friend and his girl are now sharing that hopefull life together, just proving that there is someone out there for everyone...you just have to keep searching, keep waiting and keep Hoping! Keep the faith! David R. Mohr

Song Description

Having found a new person to love it is the expression of hope that this one is the one and that they will always be there.

Song Length 3:30 Genre Rock - Easy Listening
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Mood Peaceful, Welcoming
Subject Joy, Hope Language English


I hope you will see me tomorrow
I hope I can see you today

I hope to be the one you call the father of your son
And I hope in my arms you will lay.

I hope I will see you tomorrow
I hope you will see me today

I hope to be the one to see you when the morning sun
Rises up and caresses your face

I hope you will be here tomorrow
Then I'll hope to have another day

And when that day is gone I'll pray to have another one
Up until my dying day

Tell me is it clear
Can your heart hear
What do you see here
My soul laid bare

I hope you will see me tomorrow
I hope you will see me today

Can I hold you as the one who will be my only one
One who won't run away


I hope I will see you tomorrow
I hope I will see you today

There's no other in the world to be the mother of my girl
And I hope in your arms I will lay.

I hope you will see me tomorrow
I hope I will see you today

And I hope......

Lyrics David R. Mohr Music David R. Mohr
Producer David R. Mohr Publisher David R. Mohr
Performance David R. Mohr Label David R. Mohr
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I Hope

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