Mary's Dilemma

Story Behind The Song

I wrote this song about a girl and her love of horses. I met Mary at a Wing House in Ocala, FL. She was telling another patron about the problem she has working in her parents stables. Every time they get a new horse, she falls in love with it and cannot sell/trade it. I mentioned to her that she really has quite a dilemma on her hands being in the business of buying and selling horses when she can't let any of them go. She agreed. When I completed writing this song, I took it back to Mary. She read the lyrics and told me: "That's it! That's exactly how I feel." She also said she liked the song. One day I hope to see her again so she can see the finished video and hear the completed song. Who knows - sometimes ships pass more than once in the night - or in this case, at dinner time at the wing place. :)

Song Description

Mary has a huge dilemma: she wants to work her parents ranch, but can't because they buy and sell horses. Her problem is that she falls in love with each horse and can't let it go.

Song Length 3:25 Genre Rock - Easy Listening, Pop - Rock
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Subject Horses, Frustration
Language English


They raise them from a yearling and nurse them from their day of birth.
Only to dispose of them in a deal that's called commerce, but

She can't let go (she can't let go)
She loves each one so
She turns down every deal and keeps them for her own
'Cause she can't let go.

Her folks don't understand how she gets so attached
They're only here for a while, at least that's the way they act, but


What should be her livelihood has become her liability
She holds on to each one
She can't let it depart
Every newborn colt has
Taken over her heart - because


She wants to please her folks and she wants to carry on their business name
But her dilemma shows as she holds the colts and brushes out their manes, but




Lyrics David R Mohr Music David R Mohr
Producer David R Mohr Publisher Lightning Notes Productions, Inc.
Performance David R Mohr Label Lightning Notes Productions, Inc.

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