Analog Cowboy (in a digital world)

Story Behind The Song

My friend Dale Major wrote this based on two different cowboy friends of his.

Song Description

A lighthearted look at a digitally impaired cowboy

Song Length 2:48 Genre Country - General, Blues - Country
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Affable, Pleased Subject Fun, Friend
Similar Artists Brooks & Dunn, Jon Anderson Language English
Era 2000 and later


There he goes each mornin' in his pickup after nine
You know he's fed his cows,'cause from the mirror hangs the twine
He listens to old country on his AM radio
Sometimes he puts an 8 track in the old truck's stereo
He doesn't like new country, he'd rather listen to old Merle
He's an analog cowboy in a digital world
The only phone he's got is one that's tied in to a wire
He ropes his calves on horseback, drags them to the brandin' fire
He's no use for 4 wheelers or the internet of course
If it's somethin' thats worth doin', he'd rather do it from a horse
He wears his hair cut short, he wouldn't look like he's a girl
He's an analog cowboy in a digital world
With a piece of balin' wire he can fix most anything
Just don't feed him chicken and don't ask to hear him sing
Don't need no GPS when he's out ridin' on his land
He knows each draw and coulee like the back of his own hand
He can tell a horse's color by the way his shoe has worn
Forgets his anniversary and the day his wife was born
He still shucks his Stetson when Old Glory is unfurled
He's an analog cowboy in a digital world
(yeah, he was born about 50 years too late)

Lyrics Dale Major Music Dale Major
Producer Chris W. Mortensen Publisher DM Music
Performance Chris Mortensen, Jamie Prince, Bob Parson

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