I love to write songs, then take the next step and record them. As for now, I'm using a Boss 900CD digital workstation. I like to review other artists songs and have them review mine. This kind of feedback is helpful to all. Broadjam is a great resource for all of us who aspire to have our music heard and appreciated.
Thanks, Roy. I am enjoying the ride. I have recorded 3 CDs; working on the 4th, and "Old Ephraim" was just selected for inclusion on the Cowboy Poets of Utah Symposium 2011 CD. Stay tuned, the best is yet to come! And, if you have 4 minutes to spare, check out "Analog Cowboy" on YouTube.

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It's been a good music year. I've had all ten of the top ten spots on the Utah list at times! Thanks to the Western Music Association and the Cowboy Poets of Utah for including me in their ranks. I've met a lot of great musicians and some really nice people. Hope to see you at Antelope Island, Bear Lake, Heber City, and the 2nd annual Cache Valley Cowboy Rendezvous. T
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over 30 days ago to Chris Mortensen

Hey Chris. I really like your song "Powder Day." Is there any way to purchase this song or album online? Thanks!


Larry Garrett
over 30 days ago to Chris Mortensen

Kind of stumbled onto your page. "See Him See It" is a sweet tune. I just joined this place, but you inspire me to get some more of my songs on here....I think we write our songs from a similar place. Good stuff, my friend. I'll be back. Hope I get the chance to review you songs. They're sweet tunes.

Jim Covington
over 30 days ago to Chris Mortensen

Hey Chris,
Hope you are doing well and writing up a storm.... just wanted to let you know that we have just uploaded our new song..."Are You Listening Uncle Sam ?" .... would appreciate you thoughts...

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