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verse 1 I had a dream when I was a little girl
I dreamt one day that I?d live in a better world
When I was four, my daddy walked right out the door
And to this day I can?t trust anyone no-more

chorus Everybody cries, everybody screams, everybody aches
I hope someone hurts bad as me
Everybody?s low, everybody?s high, everybody dreams
But too damn many dreams run dry

verse 2 My mom and I, we tried to make everything right
As best we could, we?ve made it this far, knock on wood
But it hasn?t been any less frightening
And I can?t pretend that I wish that this was happening

chorus: Everybody cries, everybody screams, everybody aches
I hope someone hurts bad as me
Everybody?s low, everybody?s high, everybody dreams
But too damn many dreams run dry

Bridge: And life just slips away and with the passing days
I just can?t help but think to myself
That, baby, it?s a shame we just can?t start again
I know there?s more to life than ourselves

chorus: (with key change)
Everybody cries, everybody screams, everybody aches
I hope someone hurts bad as me
Everybody?s low, everybody?s high, everybody dreams
But too damn many dreams run dry

Excellent female vocal, very effective for the song. The band sounds tight and the mix is appropriate for where the vocal sits. Very enjoyable and I'd definitely put this more into Rock than Pop, even from the opening guitar sequence. Solid listen for me.

This is a neat song. It kind of reminds me of Fleetwood Mac for some reason. The female vocal is very good. The instrumentation is very good. The recording is well done!! The arrangement is very good. I also liked the lyrics. Nice job, keep it up!!!

Great sounding track! Great Mix, everything has it's space. Very expressive & talented vocalist. Reminiscent of Alanis Morrisette. Love the bridge @1:44. Great guitar sounds. Love the groove on the verse. Excellent lyrics & hook. Radio friendly. An outstanding effort!

Good melody with great lyrics! Emotional vocalist that delivers well! Great Job!

I really liked the song. Great vocalist, love her tone. Nice transitions to other sections of the song. Especially at around 1:45, that was my favorite one.

Wow! Loved it! Fine, strong voice and very pleasant to listen to. Fast start and jumped right in with much energy. Nice instrumentation that fit the mood. Your structure seemed to be: V-C-V-C-B-V-C- tag, which offers commercial appeal. Did I hear a modulation in the last chorus? Nice. The song length also is in the commercial realm. Congrats and good luck!

This is a good song. The tune is good and strong. The singer has good vocals.She put real feelings into the vocals.The lyrics are strong and meaningful. Instrumentally, the song has good accompaniment that complements the vocals.Great guitar solo. The performance quality is good throughout both vocal and instrumentals. Overall the song is distinctive and original . I think it has a strong commercial potential

I really liked this song! The instrumentation was great and the organ added a nice layer underneath.

I think this song has definite commercial opportunity and that it deserves airplay. The singer is very good and I would like to see her perform this ( as well as the rest of the band, of course!). The song builds up nicely and the chorus is a real hook. The instrumentation and arrangements are good and I like the post climactic ending. my goodness, can i say who it sounds like...? No,I can't but I have heard this style many times before...and it works. It would be good to see the lyrics. Good stuff and thank you.

fantastic song and recording!

like the production, lead vocal nice job, like the chorus with the repeat of "everybody", though not sure of the hook/title. guitar work and overall mix is pretty well done.

Very nicely done, this is the kind of song I can drive to.

Love the voice. Really nice tone & vibe. Nice to hear real folks playing real instruments these days. Good arrangement. Cool bridge section. Well done!

Strong and addictive female vocal. Accompanied by a solid track of well played instruments. The song's catchy and simple, but still interesting which make it stand out from the rest of this type of music. Reminds me of the 90's singers like Anouk and Tracy Bonham etc. Good Stuff

great song, very good voice - best wishes,inspirations & fun rayang

This was the first song I heard when I first joined Broadjam, but I heard it through your website and not through the review process. That being said, fantastic tune! I found this in the Rock/Pop genre and I can see that, but it almost has a country feel to it; though country today is so close to Rock its hard to tell them apart some times. Anyways, great vocals, background vocals, lyrics, music, recording - just an all around great tune!

wow big vocals smooth ,warm real!!!

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