Song Length 1:00 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - Rock
Language English Era 1990 - 1999

LOVE this song! Got COUNTRY written all over it! love the steel, vocals are a HIT, I think the singer should be the one singing this song out there on the radio, it dont need any other artist. You are the artist brother!!!

Great song. I loved it. Great instrument choices, and ready for the radio.

Great instructions, good vocals and song form. Justin Moore

Very professional sounding song. I specifically love some of the chords and transitions in the notes you've created. The lyrics and melody worked well and the recording is clean. Your voice certainly lends itself to a county song! Very well done. I look forward to hearing more of your music.

This song seems to have just the right structure. I loved the bridge especially. The instrumentation and recording are superb. The lead vocalist has a rich, wonderful voice and the backing vocals are right on.

I guess it's hard not to like the jangly guitars. Good vocals and arrangement. Big production.

I like the raspy voice of the lead vocalist - the sound of the drums and the other instruments blend very well together. Sounds a little bit like Kenny Rodgers.

Very high quality recording with great instrumentation and vocal. Intro is especially catching with top notch guitar sounds.
The verses and bridge are well written and engaging, the track overall is a good one with an eagles feel to it. I really enjoyed it.

I like the lyrics.

Great guitar work, very commercial song. Like it!

nice intro.... balanced.... and creative with it's own melody line... keeps the interest for the listener.

percussion is prominent, yet not overbearing....

Over all balance and seating of all instruments and vocalists are well done.... nice job.

good Hook.... "crazy for you..." etc.... simple and repetitive... that's how a hit song is written.... something that a listener can sink their own personal experience into....

Good lyrics.... creates visualization ... which is good.

nice fill instrumentation.... on break.... just enough piano with guitar to make the listener tip their ear to hear the creative inter play between the two.
...... have you thought of changing keys following this break??? it would help to build up the song... maybe even go for one more key change upward for the final chorus.... just a thought.

The lyrics are very good. I liked the melody you put to this song. The chorus picked up at the right time . The only constructive criticsm I can say is he first instrumental part might have been a little long, save that more for the end. Otherwise you have a very solid song here. Nice Work!

Nice! Loved it! Great job!

Sweet melody and lovely lyrics

like the vocal, guitar BG is nice, but this isn't country, more folk/pop? chorus we got to didn't get to us fast enough. but nice try anyway.

Great sounding song. Could be a cross-over hit!

Very nice guitar work in the intro. Good song structure. Good melodic contrast between verse and chorus with nice lift in the chorus. Nice melody. Well performed backing. Nice vocal performance. Good arrangement. Nice lyrical sentiment with an appropriate melody.

Excellent song!!! It could easily be a radio hit. Great hook!!! Well done!!

Good Groove..Cool vibe in the vocal Good Guitar solo

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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