Thirty Year Kiss

Story Behind The Song

Song tells a story about a childhood crush that gets tested in a romantic setting thirty years later.

Song Description

A very slow and emotion track centered around the grand piano supported by cello, strings and live flute. A sexy female vocal track graces the track with a longing melody about a passionate crush that spans decades. With a soft acoustic bass and jazzy brush drums, the song is subtle but strong. Fx string pads a little orchestration and let's not forget the cool 6 bar alto saxophone solo just before the bridge.

Song Length 4:32 Genre Pop - Easy Listening, New Age - Contemporary
Tempo Very Slow (Under 70) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Poignant, Heartbreaking Subject Kissing, Attracted, Crush
Similar Artists Norah Jones, Sarah Mclachlan Language English
Era 2000 and later


I have loved you, from a distance, you're always on my mind.
I am aching I am restless, after all this time.

Had to forget my desire, life has turned out fine.
You were always what I dreamed of, I can't believe you're mine.

Hold me, I wanna feel you next to me.
Touch me, we've kissed a million times, in my dreams.

Here together in this moment, should we cross that line.
Lives are changing and time is passing, is this worth a try.
We're together it's now or never, maybe just one kiss.
Another lifetime here without you, my dreams are what exist.

Hold me, I wanna feel you next to me.
Touch me, we've kissed a million times, in my dreams.

Every pair of eyes were yours in every single path I chose, I never thought I'd feel this way, how could I stand to walk away.

Hold me, I wanna feel you next to me.
Touch me, we've kissed a million times, in my dreams.

Great moody little number . Reminded me of something Lionel Richie might have written .

Dig the vocalist, who sounds amazingly like Norwegian rocker "Issa" who I love. This has such a melancholy feel, it really works and could be used in tv/film for the right project. NICE saxaphone line. I kind of miss a rhythm guitar in there, but otherwise outstanding stuff. And the chord progression itself is brilliant.

Great song, haunting yet very moving and beautifully sung. Perfect arrangement for the subject matter. Thoughtful and engaging lyrics. The melody is original and captures the mood and spirit of the song.

nice piano & acoustic guitar work
great vocal presentation

The vocal is strong, overall nice ballad.

Where I'd see improvement is the chorus/ hook. More intensity would benefit.

I love the low-volume haunting vocal ooh/ah at the intro. I'm a giant fan of this vocal! The tone is pure gold, with a pretty vibrato occasionally tailing off at the end. The change is excellent, dark, minor, with lyrics clear and meaningful. Pretty doubled vocal. Totally like the complete dead break going into the next section - "Hold Me." I also like how the song meanders around but always has a place where the listener finds his way back to the roots of the vocal and melody. Wonderful song!

Commercially appealing song. Great vocal. Nice production and mix.

Your tune is easy to follow and has well placed orchestration. The tune works as an album cut. It's not a filler. Beautiful vocals with longing emotion. Studio production is perfect.

I liked the song and enjoyed the vocal performance. Great recording, mix and arrangement.

I was hooked in from the First note. Musically just extremely well done. Lyrically I thought they were real and from the heart. But I am a sucker for that. Certainly could be used in a film. Great Sax, and the vocals were spot on really felt the emotion. Very well done!

This is gorgeous....the song, the vocalist, and the production!!!! Really top notch!! Love the instrumentation....supportive but not overdone. Wonderful stuff!!

Very deep and stirring piece. Really good voice and superb accompaniment throughout.

I do like this song. I think the recording artist has a wonderful singing voice; I like the harmony in this tune and recording is good. I think this tune would do well as a movie soundtrack. I would like to hear this song in a made for television movie.

opra sounding tune here enjoy the voice and the strings I could see this in a soundtrack of some kind!

A lifelong dream elegantly performed effortlessly by this Basia-like female vocalist. She carries this song...real emotion...feels like one take...Nice arrangement...simple but true.

Nicely put together. I especially enjoyed the multi layering of the vocals for the chorus part.

Epic intro... the song itself is pretty decent. The chorus is great actually.. I like the melody on the "hold me" but the lyrics are a little basic.

Beautiful vocals, recording sounds very professional - really like the saxophone as well.

Excellent voice here. Cool instrumentation between the piano and the strings. This song has an awesome mysterious provocative vibe. Great sax coming in at3:20, that was just what the tune needed there I love it!

This is really good. The vocals re just spot on. The lyrics are beautiful and the melody is first class. I loved this song very much.

Wow, where can I get a copy? A wonderful, love/longing for love song, with a slight bittersweet feel.

excellent intro GREAT feel, nice touches. haunting. well written and produced.

nice lyrics and idea for the song

Great vocals and music arrangement. Very drama filled music!

Loved the sadness, teinted with regrets and reason. Nice piano playing. And outstanding Sax solo.
I enjoyed very much the dramatic ending note. Very nice vocals as well.
Congratz on that.

Lyrics Niloo Khodadadeh - Dave Haddad Music David N Haddad
Producer Dave Haddad Publisher Gruvpig Music
Performance Niloo Khodadadeh (Vocal) - Rick Will (Sax) - Dave Haddad (All Other Instruments)

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