Story Behind The Song

This is an instrumental version of a song I call "Make Believe". The subject matter in the vocal version is as if the Earth is talking. Talking about how I wanna make believe, that the Sea will be clear someday, that the trees will be here, to stay. So the vocal version is sort of an environmental wish list that mother earth might compile. The instrumental version here is more of a spiritual, relaxing meditative song.

Song Description

Nice easy feel and a hypnotic beat with electric keyboard and acoustic guitar arpeggios. Udu drums featured over mystic pads and you'll even hear harmonica in the choruses. Very relaxing with subtle but steady African and Middle Eastern drum patterns.

Song Length 4:02 Genre New Age - Contemporary, New Age - Ethnic
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Joyful, Peaceful Similar Artists Hiroshima, Peter Gabriel
Era 2000 and later

absolutely beautiful..... well done......

Very smooth and endearing vibe to this track.Very similar to Quincy Jones would do.I see this piece fitting in a transition scene in the movie "The Wiz".
LC Team

Beautiful and rich composition with a tight arrangement and exotic clay drums guiding the beat, as well as the whole flow this extaordinary recording. Great work!

I really enjoyed the opening, nice slow build. Strong arrangement, everything is balanced nicely. Beautiful melody.

Terrific! Very well performed and recorded. Nice and clean! The build you arranged is well constructed and resulted in a great listening experience! Nice guitar work.

Inventive - someone who thinks outside the box always grabs my attention. This could also work as a slow RnB groove. Really like interesting percussion which this has in spades.

Very smooth, comforting listen. The recording is super-clean and the keyboard sound is deep and lush as is the acoustic guitar. Really nice New Age tune. With a couple of tweaks this could easily be used in a film/TV scene.

Nice job! Congrats! Really good engineer here!

What a wonderful sonic experience!! The instruments sound great (rich and real) and the arrangement builds beautifully! Love that fat, analog sounding EP! This is just slam dunk gorgeous!!! Congrats!!

Very cool song. It had my ear from start to finish. Everything just worked here!! All the instruments that were played were performed with a nice touch. Anything that was MIDI was also done with an attention to detail and carefully orchestrated. Good good stuff here. Thank you for that listen. I hope I get to review some more of this artists music. Bravo!!!

Very enchanting and mysterious intro. The vibe here is very cool and soothing. Great instrumentation for this type of piece.

Song is very well put together nice flow to it kept me listening to it the entire time very nice job keep up the good work

good overall production. song is catchy, relaxing, good chord combinations

Job well done on soothing my mood. A very peaceful record.

What a beautiful piece of music! This is absolutely gorgeous. Everything from the terrific percussion right down to the arpeggiated guitar in the background. I love the guitar solo entrance at 2:42. Love this to pieces.

Nice track, it's got that nice new age/lounge vibe and it works really well in that genre. I like the instrumentation and choice of sounds. Melody is simple but tasty and not too intrusive. Song length seems appropriate also. Nice flow through the song not changing intensity too much. Mixing is also nice and I like the acoustic guitar sound... good job!

Cool. Almost jazzy.

Nice positive feel, for a scene with the depiction of a budding romance, and a little dancing.

soft & relaxing - this is a really nice song.

nice progressions and flow very pleasing instrumentation.Great job

Very soothing and enjoyable song. I can see it having a lot of marketing potential. Great work!

Rhodes, acoustic guitar and synth layers over an ethnic groove. I like the subtle layering of instruments which give an overall lush and full sound in this arrangement. The quality of all the sounds seems to be very high, the rhodes sounding very full and rich, the guitar sounding very crisp and clear.

drawn in by the mysterious intro. Nice sound. Very full. It sounds great on my system. Great mix. Love the transition @ 1:27.

Music David N Haddad Producer Dave Haddad
Publisher Gruvpig Music Performance Dave Haddad - Frank Garrett - Orbel Babayan - Iraj Lashkary

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