My Favorite Valkyrie

Song Length 2:28 Genre Country - Alternative, Country - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Annoyed, Pleased Subject Frustration, Comedy, Funny
Similar Artists Arlo Guthrie, Ringo Starr Era 1990 - 1999


in opera you're the reigning queen of all the busty maidens
you're at the top you're the cream of the crop you're one of the better paid ones
as a diva you command the stage but you simply drive me crazy
certainly you're vocally blessed but hopelessly fat and lazy
you hate to work you love to sleep you eat like horses eat hay
but now's the time I'm drawing the line i've just one thing to say

could you take that silly horned cap off for me
especially at home while we are watching tv
it always seems to block my view whenever I get close to you
oh won't you take that hat off for me

but that brassy breastplate is the worst of all
cause now I have to spackle all the holes in the wall
you always try your best I know to dress up for your Opry show
but don't they provide you a room at music hall

although i might complain you know that you are all that matters in the world to me
you're by far my favorite Valkyrie
you know if I ever lost you my heart would break like glass that shatters when you hit a high C
you're by far my favorite Valkyrie

so to you I'm offering this final plea
I'd like to work it out with you conditionally
I'll give up beer and cigarettes
I'll give them up with no regrets
just take that silly cap off for me

bitte... ah donkey schane honey

Lyrics Timothy Ritchie, Timothy Reed Music Timothy Reed
Producer Timothy Reed, Chip Reardin Publisher Carry Me Music
Performance Timothy Reed Label Carry Me Music

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