I Love Christmas Eve

Song Length 3:10 Genre Unique - Holiday
Language English


I Love Christmas Eve

Bradford Heck/Andris Plavnieks

Long before I knew it I loved Christmas Eve
Grandma came to visit I hoped she'd never leave
Tip-toed from bed down the stairs to sneak a peek
Wrapping all those presents a secret they can't keep
And I just can't sleep cause I Love Christmas


Eve I waited all year long for Christmas
Eve and just like that it's gone but if I
Had my way I'd have it every day then you'd
Believe I Love Christmas Eve

Ain't getting any thinner but little else has changed
We'll treat the kids this winter a sleigh ride's been arranged
Snuggled up together like gifts under the tree
Waiting for that moment when they will be set free
And they're just like me cause I Love Christmas Eve


First day of December snowmen on parade
Our neighborhood is hanging lights of every shade
Feel the cracklin fire and warmth of all our friends
Christmas Eve's the night I wish would never end


Sharing love the one night that matters every year
And I take the time to thank the Lord above
Because I Love (I Love) Christmas Eve


What can I say? That was great! Bluegrass in your blood, great job.

I loved every word! Thanks for bringing that Christmas Feeling to my heart. The music was right on,the hook was great, your vocals were on key. This is a marketable song!

Lyrics Heck/Plavnieks Music Heck/Plavnieks
Producer Plavnieks Performance Cairo Fred
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