Easy listening, all original rural folk and western folk. Emily Bruskin and Julie Bruskin play violin and cello for parts of the album. They make up 2/3 of the Claremont Trio which recently won the YCA (Young Concert Artists) international competition for classical music. Gary Smith plays guitar and Harmonica. Jack Gaby plays guitar and sings the vocal.

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"This (Fables Ballads and Beautiful Tales) is one of the most relaxing albums I've ever heard.Jack Gaby's baritone voice is rich and warm,not too deep,and all the songs are given smooth arrangements".--O.J.Sikes,The Western Way, magazine,Western Music Association.

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,The feedback from others who listen to this music, have compared the writing and style to John Denver and Marty Robbins, with a Jim Reeves sounding voice.


All balladeers and songwriters of the last 40 years have influenced my writing. I love a good story.,,,


JRG, Jack Gaby, is a ballad writer and a very shy studio performer. He has created "Fables Ballads and Beautiful Tales" and is currently working on a film project with producer Scott Cohen of New York City. The ballads and acoustic guitar soundtrack the film. Jack writes what he calls "rural folk" and western folk music. He has written ballads for 20 years and is now publishing them for the first time. He produced this album with veteran music producer, Gary Smith, of Grand Junction, Colorado. This is a "voice out front" folk ballad collection for review and for those interested. The music is pretty and the ballads are kind, emotional, and thought provoking.

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