Song Length 4:12 Genre Pop - Rock, Rock - Funk



Every little dream I wanna know

Every little secret that you hold

Every little thought in vitero

Every little tear that ever flowed

Every percolation of your soul

Every time you feel like letting go

Wanna be your boyfriend at the door

Got a bag of classic videos

Maybe Gunga Din or Vertigo

If you're in the mood - Deuce Bigalow

I just want to be essential

Mr. Speed Dial of your heart

Mr. Can Do Everything

(Everything you want)

Everything you want every single dream every secret need

(Everything you need)

Every ecstasy nothing in between give it to me clean

(Everything you want)

Everything you do everywhere you go wanna be there too

(Everything you need)

Wish we had a dream house on the bay

Somewhere we could duck and slip away

Kill the phone and live like hideaways

Listen to the seagulls every day

You could tell me things I never knew

I could do the very same for you

Wanna hear a joke? I got a few

I could sing the Beatles too -

Rocky Racoon checked into his room

Looking for love with someone like you

I just want to be essential

Want to be your everything

Some people say we walk around with half a human soul

We got to find the other half somewhere in this crazy world

I look at you, I know I see that special missing piece

You're everything I need

You make me feel complete

I just want to be essential

Mr. Speed Dial of the Heart

Want to be your everything

Everything you want, etc.

Is this the Walter Becker band 2011?? Joking aside this is brilliant stuff! If you guy's ever get to play in Spain let me know!!

This joint is really really really hot. i can describe. it's like rock hip hop all rolled in one. this joint is crazy. would love to collab with this artist.

love the guitar part doing the seagull sound, nice touch. Great chorus. Great bass playing, love the breakdown at 2:24. This is hit material in my mind. The song has moments where it rocks but never too heavily!

A fun, Steely Dan-style ride into a world of thoroughly original images and metaphors. Every time a cliche was approached, it got flipped on its head. Totally unpredictable and I loved it.

This is awesome. Feelings expressed at it's best. Jazzy fun track - This song deserves radio play.


The opening is absolutely great - jumps in your face and grabs you! The piano sound is remindful of Neil Finn arrangements (Crowded House).

Lyrics Heck/Thomson/Plavnieks Music Heck/Thomson/Plavnieks
Producer Plavnieks/Heck Performance Cairo Fred
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