New Beginnings

Story Behind The Song

This is a song about renewed conviction. It was written in the early stages of starting a band with a long time friend. Years later I added lyrics to the bridge which add a new dimension - the hint that this is not the first time the singer is starting anew, and the hope that it will be the last.

Song Length 3:21 Genre Rock - Alternative, Rock - Punk
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Determination, Present Language English
Era 2000 and later


Its time to make up for lost time
Now that the drive has been awakened
There's no days off or excuses
Psychic story motivations

This is where it all begins again

The destination is New York City
So be here tomorrow by five
For late nights and predictions
We'll rock just like the night Matt's uncle died

This is where it all begins again

I think I'm ready now
Bring on the last time

"New Beginnings" really rocked me. It ranges from tight and punch to raucous and loud, and delivers a powerful message wrapped in a lyrical veil of mystery and abbreviated imagery.

I like the Nirvana-like vocals!
Well-arranged, well-played Alt. "Rock song

I was torn between 4 and a 5 rating on this one,haven't listened to any of this stuff for quiet sometime,but, I did enjoy this music and arrangement.Good vocals and sound.

great song! vocals are emotive! playing is tight! love the drum beat and feel in the middle breakdown section!

Very energetic song!! Great vocal performance and lyrics! Nice use of harmonies to bring out the hook as well.

A fantastic musical journey! What? You, the reader, think I should write more? Why don't you just listen to it and see how great it is for yourself!?

Wow! Great grove, love the recording and mix... awesome sound!

Nice one - I think I recognise the vocal from a review earlier today! Really hook laden song, well played and sung.

Nice rock groove. Solid, credible vocals over a fine backing track

great recording and most important I could easily pick out the hook in this song.

Lyrics John Renaud Music John Renaud
Producer John Renaud Publisher Jamfox Publishing
Performance John Renaud Label Jamfox Records

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