Burn Me Out

Story Behind The Song

Burn Me Out is a song about being tired, and feeling trapped in the routine of working life. At the same time it asks if one's own fear is the real reason for lack of progress and/or change.

Song Length 4:39 Genre Rock - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Troubled Subject Frustration, Fear
Language English Era 2000 and later


Is it just because I'm afraid
Of a secret laughter of me
And all the feelings I would like to spare
The whole truth
Can it happen any other way
My tomorrow is now today
And there's always something more to do
For you
You burn me out

Is it just because I'm afraid
And what of all the stuff I'm made of
Said and done in by the tried and true
You burn me out

Is it better burning fast and bright than fading slow

Is it just because I'm afraid
You know I made it all this way now
For packing losses and returning empty hands
Burn me out

Yeah, its nothing.
You know its all in a day.

"Burn Me Out" is a powerful, well-built power pop song that carries a familiar feeling and delivers it with conviction. Its appealing vocal performance is set up by a sparse, acoustic intro, then propelled by a hard-rocking band. Great stuff@

I'm used to listening to heavier stuff than this but a good song is a good song and this song is awesome! I love the acoustic guitar in the beginning and the song really explodes when the rest of the band comes in at 1:16. I'm also really liking the singer's voice. It's perfect for this song. Everything about this song is great. I wouldn't change a damn thing. I can't wait to see who this is after I finish this review.

I thooughly enjoyed my listen. Great job all the way through. Lead vocals, background vocals, instrumentation....it was all spot on. Congrats to a job well done!

I love the way it starts soft and then kicks it!!!

Really enjoyed this. I like the lyrics a lot! Nice sound and production as well. I was hoping the vocals would get a bit more intense instead of that smooth pretty sound throughout, could take it too the next level when the heavy guitar kicks in. But hey, that is just my taste. over all I give this a "KICK ASS!!" rating! well done.

Great vocals nice overall sound.

Lyrics John Renaud Music John Renaud
Producer John Renaud Publisher Jamfox Publishing
Performance John Renaud Label Jamfox Records

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